Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Goals

As I did for this summer, I decided to make up a list of goals for fall. I was going to say that these lists tend to keep me focused and driven, but maybe not so much. I just looked over that summer list and I only half-completed 3 of 12 goals. Ouch. For this list, I think I'll keep thing simple and achievable... because nobody likes to feel like they haven't accomplished anything all season!

(What did I do this summer anyway? Oh right... work. Here's hoping fall will be a little less crazy... but who am I kidding? This is when my work starts picking up. *sigh* SO: very achievable list... and maybe I'll try to look back on it once or twice before winter to see where I'm at!)
  1. sign up for the fall sampler (I have no allusions on keeping up though!)
  2. write four chapters in my Mixed story (two a month should be easy)
  3. work on the Woodland sampler (at least two squares should be doable)
  4. finish two HerStory girls (the magenta/blue backgrounds I have ready to go)
  5. sew mom's pillowcase, blanket and table runner for Thanksgiving
  6. make two more colourway demos for Josée's "guest book" artwork (also for Thanksgiving)
  7. make something with pumpkin (muffins, cake, pie, cookies, something, anything!)
  8. get back into morning yoga (which means going to bed at a decent time so I can wake up a bit earlier)
  9. sew buttons back onto three of my coats
  10. go for at least three fall hikes (and skating as often as possible)
  11. read six books (starting with finishing Doctor Zhivago - and preferably at least one in French since I signed up for a French course through work)
  12. try a new recipe (from the Jerusalem cookbook)
I'd also really like to get back into blogging and taking photos regularly... but one thing (or twelve) at a time!
I think those are pretty achievable... here's hoping anyway! 

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