Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Goals

This summer is starting off with a bang, that's for sure. Busy! It's been so busy over here. I can't get into too much detail as most of it is work related, but my job will be changing substantially in the next few weeks. Most notably, my shift will be changing from 1-9 to 9-5... so I'll no longer have leisurely mornings to slowly get ready, craft and blog (but I will have relaxed evenings where I can cook supper with Pat).

I have a whole new routine to ease into, and it'll take me a while to fit blogging into that. Especially since I haven't been consistent this last month (dang I was going to say "few weeks", but it's been pretty much a month since I was blogging regularly... time sure does fly!). But I really do want to keep up with it - I love this little space way too much!
Anyway, to follow along with my last post, I thought I would make myself a list of goals for this summer. Not only do I want to get some reading done, I want to accomplish a few things while setting my new routine. It's so easy to let the entire summer slip by, lazily, like a bead of sweat sliding down a cold glass of lemonade.

Summer 2013 Goals:
  1. establish a new daily blogging and crafting routine
  2. catch up on the 2013 woodland sampler
  3. keep up with the summer sampler
  4. complete my two in-progress girls (both need a quote added to the background canvas)
  5. work on two in-progress canvases (green/black and small bouquet)
  6. try 3 new summer recipes and grill as often as possible
  7. put on sunscreen every day and wear my hat outside
  8. make a batch (or two) of vanilla lemonade
  9. find new hiking trails and a relatively quiet beach where we can actually go swimming
  10. actually start using the green bin (no excuse!)
  11. explore the city around us (find: a small bookstore, a gallery, a farmer's market, an unknown park)
  12. catch up with old friends (both online and off)
I want to make this a summer to remember!

What do you have planned this summer?

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