Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Vintage: Pumpa's Cuff Links

When I went North for the burial of pumpa's ashes earlier this month, gramma gave me and my brother's each a set of matching cuff links and tie clip that she had found while cleaning out pumpa's dresser. She wasn't sure where they had come from (at least one set was pumpa's dad's) but thought we would like to have a small memento of his. And even though I never saw pumpa wearing these, they will forever remind me of him.
My gramma said she chose this set for me since it was the most feminine of the bunch (plus, the others were perfect for my brothers: one set had the initial J for John, my younger brother's name and pumpa's dad's name - the other set was fishing-themed). I particularly love the scalloped setting.
After doing a bit of research, I think the milky-gray "stone" is fossilized or petrified coral. I couldn't find anything else that looked quite like these delicate sunbursts. So pretty!

It seems like a shame to have them languish on my dresser, unworn, so I'm thinking of turning them into jewelry that I'll wear. Earrings and a necklace or maybe a ring. I'll have to take them to an actual jeweler though since I don't have the proper tools to turn these into something I can wear. But it'll be worth it. They really are lovely pieces that would coordinate with the majority of my wardrobe. I just need to find a proper jeweler...  

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