Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Evolution of a She Girl (Part One)

Watch as my girl unfolds...

I started with my very first background:

And paired a sketch with it:

I started painting in my girl (as I showed you earlier):

I felt she needed more shadows, so I added those next, with a bit of stamping for texture:

For her headpiece and dress, I decided to use collage elements to add a bit of dimension:

Details, details, details (mostly with paint and Sharpies):

I was not happy with her face at this point... the shadows were all off, I couldn't get the shade just right. So let's try that again:

Better. Her face is a little asymmetrical, but then, aren't we all? Now, I was really happy with the girl - I think she's really cute, thoughtful with a playful side - but something about the piece just wasn't sitting right. I splattered a bit of black ink around the edges and that didn't help much.

What to do? What to do?

What would you do?

Find out what I did tomorrow!

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