Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Creative Space: The Art of Spring

First off: no, I haven't finished the She Art 3 workshop. I want to play around with my faceless girls a bit more before watching the third week's videos on making faces. So that's on hold for a bit - you'll definitely be seeing more throughout the year.

Meanwhile, a new workshop has started this week. I bought three workshops from Christy Tomlinson as a bundle and this second one is put on by Junelle Jacobsen. It's called The Art of Spring and is full of whimsy and sweet baby animals. This one is a two week course, but there are TONS of projects, so I'm sure I'll be taking things slow and enjoying them over the course of this springtime.

Junelle gives you the option of working in an art journal or on separate canvases (or both). Since I've already filled quite a few canvases for my She Art (and I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with them all), I thought it would be a nice change to work in a sketchbook. That way, I can keep all my pretty spring art together for future reference.

Of course, I couldn't use any old journal, especially (gasp!) one that was already started. The only solution was to make my own. Since we'll be using watercolours in this workshop, I went with watercolour paper and a coptic stitch (the book sits open easier with this binding). The covers are wrapped in bright spring papers:

For the first page, I wanted a "title page" of sorts, so I went to town with my watercolours and then added a bit of collage on top (cut out letters, a doily and an Andy Warhol piece - Eggs seemed so appropriate - cut from a magazine... these last two still need to be glued down).

Besides that, I've been sketching a lot of spring - in pretty much all of my on-going sketchbooks. Although this new art journal is meant exclusively for this workshop, I also want to it be full of more "finished" pieces. So preliminary doodles and sketches will be found in other journals (particularly those I commute with).
Those last two bunnies are going to be my first spread in the journal - I think I'll get started on the background this morning and work on the rabbits tonight!

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Knitrageous said...

I love your journal and your sketches. They look great to me!