Friday, March 8, 2013

She Girl #2

As I said I would, I started working on a second girl. She's coming along nicely - it's so much fun watching these girls unfold!

I decided that the first face I painted - on watercolour paper - would be a good place to start for this busy background. I didn't use a sketch to base the girl on - it was all imagination for this one.

I was feeling a darker girl though, so that's where I started:
I tore up some tissue paper I had painted on to soften out her neckline and form the outline of her dress. Those flower elements from the initial face painting would be perfect for her hair, but first I had to add her hair in (light then darker with highlights)...

Lastly, I glued down the flowers and doodled them (and her dress) in.
Now I'm not sure what to do next. I know I need to add some shadows and work on the highlights, but the background is a bit much. I want to keep most of it in her dress and cover most of it behind her... but what colour? I'm thinking a darkish orange-yellow, with her dress a bit more blue-white.

What do you think? What colour should the background be? 

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Angie said...

very nice! I love the idea of keeping the pattern for the dress, and just covering behind! Orange yellow might clash with her skin a bit though... but I'm also not sure what other colour to pull out to tone down the back.