Monday, March 4, 2013

She Background #5

I think my fifth background is my favourite. At least, so far it is. I really like the colour scheme that evolved through the process of creating. As you can see by the initial collage, I didn't plan on adding any turquoise or orange, but it just seemed right as I was working on the piece.

Starting with a collage is definitely my preferred way to begin (this is a 8"x10" canvas board):
I completed all of the next steps before taking photos again (oops! It's so hard to remember when your fingers are full of paint and the inspiration is just flowing!).

First, I knew I wanted to add some dimension with molding paste (you can see it in the first photo above) but I didn't have a stencil with the right pattern. So I made my own (those semi-circles soon became triangles for ease of cutting):
While I was waiting for the molding paste to dry, I drew a few designs with a water-soluble white Sharpie. Then I doodled a leaf with a green Sharpie and really didn't like it - so out came the paint. I hadn't planned on adding much green - and certainly hadn't planned on turquoise - but it just sort of happened when I mixed phthalo green with a bit of gesso:
Unexpected, but I really liked it. You can still see the leaf through the paint but it isn't horribly noticeable. I also used a stamp and my fingers to add a bit of polkadot texture (and a bit more collage to balance the orange). After the paint dried, I doodled some more with white and black Sharpies.
I am so in love with the texture on this one. LOVE! I'm not too sure about a girl to cover it up yet... I think I'll be trying to save as much of this background as possible in the final piece.

paint used: phthalo green, titan buff, iridescent copper light, permanent red violet, azo orange, gesso

What do you think about my fifth She Art background?

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