Monday, February 25, 2013

She Backgrounds: Update

Here's a quick look at where I'm at with my She Art backgrounds. I have five in some state of completion - two on canvas board, three on watercolour paper:
My first "canvas" on 10"x14" watercolour paper. I'm still not sure if it's exactly finished... I think it needs a bit more white. Now that I have a white Sharpie (thanks to a Curry's run this weekend), I may add a bit of doodling to brighten it up; there are a few areas that are a bit muddy for my liking.

My second piece, on 6"x8" canvas board. Again, I feel this needs more white. Also, the circles are too big for the small canvas... but I hate to cover them because they're so fun. Not too sure where to go with this one anyway...

Another piece on 10"x14" watercolour paper - and my favourite one. I went with a more muted palette and really love how it turned out. I can already see a girl placed on here.

My third piece on 10"x14" watercolour paper - I went with a bold colour scheme for this one. There's a lot of contrast and it definitely feels unfinished. Since the bottom layer was just a splash of bright colour, I think another layer of paint on top will go a long way.

Lastly, my absolute favourite on 8"x10" canvas board. I started with a more muted palette here as well, but the pops of pink, yellow and turquoise really brightened it up. I didn't intend on adding the turquoise actually, it was a happy mistake that I'll get into in another post. For now - the layers on this one are just perfect! Although it may be able to handle a tiny bit more black... maybe a splatter of India ink?

Anyway, that's it for now. More on each, with photos of various stages of my process, later this week. This blog is going to be all She Art for the next two or three weeks - that's all I'm working on and breathing right now! It's been so much fun and very inspiring! Week 2 is released tomorrow, so I'll soon be adding girls to these backgrounds - I can't wait!

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Angie said...

I love the third and last ones too!! I think the third most, b/c it has the chevron print in it and I am - literally - OBSESSED with it lately! I want it in all ways: stencils, stamps, more stamps, rub ons....and ect hehehe. It also reminds me of winter - which is where we are at right now (and buried in it! - maybe not so much you, but I am thankful for our stranger with the snowblower hehe)