Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Creative Space: Valentine's Journal Page

When I started this page earlier this week, I had no intentions of it being Valentine's Day-themed. In fact, I had planned on making a V-day page in my SMASH* book, not my journal (an update on SMASH* soon - I finished my orange book and recently picked up a black one that I've just started filling).

So really, it was just a random collage in my altered Amber book using stuff that was cluttering my desk: 
  • some pieces from a calendar image (ripped up for this sketchbook page)
  • a feathery skirt cut from a magazine 
  • the receipt part of our ticket stubs from The Penelopiad 
  • a piece of the paper I cover my desk with, full of doodles (I was trying out my Sharpies to see which needed to be tossed) 
  • some washi tape (some end pieces that weren't sticky - to help you start the roll - were on my desk, so I added those and a bit more) 
  • some masking tape
I wish I had remembered to take a photo before I white-washed it, but no such luck. Here it is after a thin coat of gesso:

Next, I painted. The pink elements caught my eye first, so I mixed some pink and red paint (quinacridone magenta + soft gel matte medium \\\ quinacridone magenta + Indian yellow hue + soft gel matte medium). I also mixed some green, but I wasn't feeling it so I didn't include it.

I think you'd have to agree - this page was now screaming V-day at me. I hesitated for a bit, not sure if I wanted to commit to a holiday page, but ultimately decided it would be a perfect spot to use these "he said / she said" bits I cut out of a magazine and have been hoarding ever since.
Since I wanted to add in some words that Pat and I say to each other regularly, I decided to make little clouds to hold these endearments. Gesso + my finger = perfect clouds!

Now I only had to fill each bubble with our words using a purple Sharpie. It was hard narrowing it down to the few clouds I had! I found it amusing that Pat's most frequently used phrases are ... well, slightly sexual (sorry mom!) and that I use French way more than he does (when he's the one who's French).

Lastly, I felt these elements needed a bit of help popping off the page, so I outlined the he said / she said with a thick black Sharpie and the clouds with teal and grey pencil crayons.
So while there are no roses or hearts or cute baby animals holding hearts, this page holds words that are close to my heart. Every time I flip back to this page, it gives me a little squeeze.

You can find more creative spaces here.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you can spend it with those you love (and don't forget to tell them so)!

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