Monday, February 4, 2013

My Vintage: Royal Albert Sugar Dish

Last weekend I convinced Pat to browse through a consignment shop with me. In the guise of exploring our new neighborhood, I brought him to The Singing Ladies Consignment Shop, a short drive from our place. I didn't think to take any photos while we were there, but what a great shop! Even Pat had a good time looking at the furniture and other interesting pieces. True to form, while there, I couldn't resist picking up a cute little dish:
This Royal Albert sugar dish - in the Memory Lane pattern - was sitting on a stack of matching plates (four each of saucer, bread plate and dinner plate), but I resisted. The dish was coming home with me though.
We saw quite a few antique writing table/cabinets that we liked but don't really have room for, and I saw a tea set and two tiered serving plates (one crystal, one china) that I loved. We'll definitely be browsing through this little shop again!

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Angie said...

I can't wait to own a house and start collecting beautiful furniture, and paintings. I love how you are creating such a unique collection of antique dishes and teacups. I keep dreaming about all the art I will collect hehe. Just gotta wait for that house....