Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

These spring bulbs grow really fast - it's fun to watch!
above: January 31 ~ below: February 4
The little grape hyacinths are my favourite! The pink ones smell so good - you can smell their pleasant scent from the couch. Here's a look at them this morning. I had to turn the pink hyacinth's pot because one of the flower stalks had bent over in the night, blooming so heavily it could no longer support its own weight.
Now that these flowers are at their peak, I need to start looking into building my windowsill garden. As nice as these bulbs are, they don't have a very long lifespan. I want something a bit more permanent and to add some flowers to the succulents I already have... any suggestions?

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Angie said...

Orchids are always nice, a little more high maintaince though (I think, never really owned them)...but I saw *massive* ones in the grocery store the other day (like up to my hip), those would look awesome. I wanted them myself so much, but Oreo would probably just try to eat them. I've always, personally, have had troubles getting flowers to reblossom after having them home for awhile. My only luck, ever, was with that miniature rose plant that I got - and I had it blossoming all throughout the year for probably a year and a half. If you do that, I would suggest getting it at a greenhouse, as I always see little "mites" on the grocery store ones, and once they have mites, it's a horrid battle. I lost that one rose plant to mites from another plant that I bought from a grocery store. So really take a look at them. I do know someone who has had wonderful luck with violets, and hers have grown so, so big (think leaves the size of small plates). They're cheap, so always worth a shot.