Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recommend: The Secret Keeper

I've been reading a lot of good books lately. The latest was The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. A spur of the moment purchase - I think I added it to my cart to qualify for free shipping on Amazon - I devoured this book! As soon as I finished it, I texted my mom to tell her she had to read it. I'll be recommending it to Pat's sisters and mom when I see them next too.

The novel opens with a family secret. Now, at the end of her mother's life, Laurel needs to discover the truth about something she witness her mother do. Weaving the past with the present, Morton slowly reveals the events that forever changed the lives of two girls during the London Blitz.

As each chapter revealed new clues, I would revise my idea of what actually happened and why. But still, I was not prepared for the twist in the end! An exciting read, Morton has you rooting for the central characters, despite their foolish mistakes and wild ideas, and really hoping that everyone gets their second chance at love, life and happiness.      

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Angie said...

If you like "secrets" in books, you should read "Sarah's Key"...maybe not the same sort of secret as this one, but def a very emotional read.