Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Wedding

So.... my Aunt's wedding is one week away. ONE WEEK! I can't believe it - it seems like we were just hearing about her engagement! Which was at Christmas! Over 6 months ago! Which means we're closer to the next Christmas than the last.....

Wow. I feel old. Especially with a milestone birthday coming up the day after the wedding.

Annnnnnnnnyway. Back to the point of this post: choosing a dress to wear for the wedding! It's a fairly casual event, but I still want to look nice. So here are my 2 options, both silk & extremely pretty.

Option #1: orange
the back:
pros: great colour, super comfortable & flattering
cons: already wore it to my brother's wedding, the only other recent wedding in our family, needs dry cleaning

Option #2: white, version 1
the back:
this is actually a skirt hiked up in an empire style

Option #2: white, version 2
for this one, I rolled the "waist" band once to make it a bit shorter & lowered the tie to my waist - this is my preferred version for option #2

pros: gorgeous pattern, haven't worn it often, comfortable
cons: needs a slip since it's see-through, need to figure out how to belt it (this is just an old brown tie that came with some pants), white at a wedding?

Here are the two, side by side:
What do you think? Which is your favourite?

And now, for the fun of it & since I see them all over the internet, some jumping pictures:
Haha! Taking photos of yourself is hard, taking photos of yourself jumping is nearly impossible! For most of the outtakes, my feet were on the ground... And, please notice that I was NOT wearing my heels for jumping!

By the way, what do you think of my photo setup? I only had to rearrange a few things (like rugs & the bird cage) & am rather pleased with how they turned out. The bunting is too cute! The glare from the window isn't the best though..


Lizzie Barbie said...

I like the orange dress! But I like The second version of the white dress even more!!!
Awesome pics and blog. Kisses!

Kate said...

That bunting is adorable! As for the dresses - they are both so awesome it is hard to chose! My vote goes for the white but it is tough call.

Mrs Linee said...

Love both dresses - but preference would be the Orange with flatter shoes...
Reminds me of a cocktail Tequila Sunrise...

Sarah Knight said...

I like the orange/red one the best : )

Cindy Lou said...

I like the white, but are you going to be adjusting while you are wearing? or once you put the belt on it will stay in place? is it comfortable?

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

I love the jumping photos! Great job!

Both are nice outfits, just remember watching someone tug at their strapless dress all night is not very appealing! :O)

You look great in both. The only thing I would change: THE SHOES!!

Go with something a bit more exciting!!

Angie said... the jumping pictures! I like the orange / pink dress the most :)

Unknown said...

I like the shite one, with the belt loser, but I like a lower hem. Needs some fancy hair do-dad to match the flowers and take away some whitness.