Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five

I haven't posted a Friday Five in a while, so I have quite a few links to inspire you for the weekend:
  1. Flickr photo I wish I took: Clean Sweep by Ric McArthur
  2. Must-read blog posts: how to talk to little girls by Lisa Bloom with a great response on Motherhood Mondays by Joanna Goddard
  3. Recipes I want to try: green bean & tomato salad by Cookin' Canuck ~beet cake as seen on Tiger in a Jar ~ roasted beets as seen on a Veggie Venture ~ pickled beets by Pinch My Salt
  4. Neat tutorial I did try: washi tape magnets via Twirling Betty. Aren't they awesome? I have the urge to keep making more, more, more!
  5. Etsy shops I'm drooling over: KateFete ~ take a look at this amazing whale:Her bird ornaments are adorable too!
    KikiMood ~ has such sweet illustrations! And I absolutely love these sheep:
What's inspiring you this week?