Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Creative Space

I've been frantically finishing up my thesis (I need to submit by the 19th!) so I haven't had much time to be creative. And when I do, I'm finishing up my cupcake order & a wedding guest book for my aunt - both also due by the 19th. Yikes!

But I did manage to fit in some time to finish 2 more pages in my sketchbook project - you've already seen some of this, but I've only just begun, so here's a little recap:

the cover of my re-bound book

page 1

page 2-3 - obviously, I still need to work on this spread, I just wanted to include it for perspective

page 4-5 - I skipped ahead to these pages because I only wanted the one page of tiny utensils & decided to keep the full spread of pages 2-3 for a larger drawing
I love this page! The slotted spoons are probably my favourite.

page 5 - collage on cardstock

When I re-bound this sketchbook, I added in some cardstock specifically for collage. The white paper is just too flimsy. I'll keep it for doodles & drawings.

I'm really enjoying this year's theme. Last year's was a bit more arbitrary & random. This one is more specific - I think it'll end up feeling a bit more cohesive, with a bit of a story to it. At least I hope so!

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Angie said...

I really like your drawings of all the little utensils (I imagine it took a long while, all those details). And I must say I'm loving the green :) (..not just because it's my favourite colour...)

I feel better about this years submission too (I know I did the fiction project, and not the sketchbook project)...but things are flowing better, and I got an earlier start on things, that I *hope* I will not be last minute again.

Unknown said...

Cool. I don't know where you find the time for so much! Do you sleep?

Anonymous said...

Great to see your beginnings. Love that utensils pattern, so very inspiring. I have been itching to do the Sketchbook Project for a couple of years now… wonder if I should give it a whirl.… : ) Alisa