Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long Weekend

I had a GREAT long weekend! We left Friday afternoon & arrived in North Bay just in time - we drove straight to the ice. Pat only missed the first half of his first pond hockey game. Our team was slaughtered both games that night, but they were just getting the kinks out & learning how to play together. Saturday's 2 games were much better - they won 1 & lost 1, both by 1 point.

Since they won a game, they got to play a consolation game on Sunday (for 5th to 8th place) - at 10 AM. Everyone was less than thrilled at the early time - since we all live out of town, that means getting up at 8 to leave by 9 to get there before 10. But we all made it out - even Pat's cousin, whom we invited the night before after being down one man on Saturday. Turns out the other team didn't show up - we won by default. Everyone showed up for nothing. Well. Not nothing. They all won a toque. Everyone agreed they'd most likely do it again next year - it was a lot of fun!

I brought the camera but left it in the car both days (I had it Sunday though). So all I have are 3 crappy cell phone pictures. The first one I took is probably the best - and also at a lower resolution. Awesome, I know. Here's one of my sexy hockey player (giving me the finger - Dalton, a friend of Matt's, beside him laughing):
And here are a couple action shots of them getting ready for the second half of their winning game: Pat's the one moving in both - Dalton is #3 & crouched down in the other picture. My younger brother John is 24, with the grill in the background.

Clearly, I was a fan & not a photographer.

Besides the tournament, we had a pretty good weekend. We spent the rest of the time with friends & family and we actually saw everyone we wanted to - that never happens! On Sunday evening, after a few drinks, Terri-Anne (my sister-in-law) read me, my mom & Emily (John's girlfriend) our tarot cards. Mine was a very accurate reading. A new step predicted in my learning & career (starting my PhD within a year), spending money is where I am my own worst enemy & the description of my personality was pretty bang on.

We left early on Monday since I had to go to work briefly to take care of my adipocyte cultures. We had a great trip though & look forward to heading North again at Easter! Maybe I'll take a few more pictures then...

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