Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long Weekend

Don't you just love the week before a long weekend? Sure, there are often things to get done in preparation for the extra day off, but there's always such an air of anticipation that makes the work light. For me, this week has been lazy. Long weekend coming up & I don't have anything urgent to take care of. In consequence, I've been baking & crafting a lot.

This long weekend, we're heading home (up North to Sturgeon Falls & Verner). We wouldn't usually go home on a random long weekend, but my brother signed Pat up for a hockey tournament. It's just a fun pond hockey tournament the college is putting on - held on the (rather large) pond behind the school. Tiny little nets with no goalies, 3 (or maybe 4?) men per team on the ice at a time & each team is guaranteed 4 games. It should be fun - for the guys, there's no way I'm playing. Even if I wanted to, Matt wouldn't let me - he's already worried about getting thrashed!

Their team - the Reversibles - is composed of my 2 brothers, Matt & John, Pat & a friend of Matt's, Dalton. Matt's never played hockey really, besides in the back yard with John, who played hockey (both house league & AA) until... hmmm. Grade 6? 7? Somewhere around there. At least 7 years ago. Pat played hockey for 13 years - but he hasn't been on skates more than 2 or 3 times a year for the past 7 years. I'm not too sure about Dalton, or any other friends that may be stopping by for a game... But. I have a feeling they'll be a bit rusty their first game. And probably more than a bit sore for their 4th game... Keep your fingers crossed!

They play Friday at 7PM and 9PM and Saturday at 6PM & 7PM. On the pond behind Nipissing University in North Bay. Will I see you there?

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Dorana said...

put on a mask and wrap yourself in bubble wrap and play with the boys! :o)

siempre - dorana