Thursday, January 7, 2010


Marigold is getting to be so cute! She was out and about during Christmas, eating presents, the tree & pretty much anything else she can get her teeth on (crayons, legos, the floor, etc). In fact, after Christmas, she pulled the tree down (of course dad & John left it knocked over in the living room & I almost tripped over it coming home late that night - picture Pat & I carefully putting it back up & removing ornaments quietly at 2AM)!

She's a curious little rabbit, that's for sure. Still a little skittish when it comes to letting you pet her, but she'll jump up on mom on the couch when it's a little more quiet.

Her favourite treat is cabbage - she'll devour it in seconds. She still has a two-toned looked to her fur too - with slightly lighter brown sides.

She's adorable & has definitely won a place in all our hearts!


Unknown said...

Adorable! I want a bunny!

Kate said...

Super cute!

LiPeony said...

omg sooo cute! My friend has a tiny pale tan rabbit called bumbum