Friday, May 1, 2009

My Handmade Registry Challenge

I've mentioned My Handmade Registry (MHR) before, but for everyone wondering, it's an great site my Etsy friend Dorana started. It's a place to register for handmade items, show off your favourites and get a lot of great advice on selling your own handmade items.

There are a number of groups on the site (I'm the admin for the NINGcompoops group), and one is specifically for More Meaningful Gifts (MMG). Now, MMG is an awesome BnR thread I follow on Etsy (where I've met some really wonderful people), but the MHR group includes all items that can be considered a meaningful gift. Our MMG admin, the lovely Michele, decided to start a bi-weekly challenge for us admins to give everyone. We each get 2 weeks, where we feature one of our own items, and then provide a challenge for everyone else.

My challenge was 3 weeks ago or so. I know, I didn't blog about it. Ooops. Anyway, my featured item was this lime green drop necklace, and I challenged everyone to make a handmade item that was inspired by my necklace (or find an item that reminded them of mine). I promised to blog about each entry - so that's what I'm going to do. Each entry will get their own post - so give them some love!

While you're at it, go check out the MMG group for the next challenge offered by Kat. It's a fun one, and the winner gets a free ACEO or photo card from Kat's shop, H20works!

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