Friday, May 1, 2009

MMG Challenge Entry #2

The second entry submitted was from Niki, a new Etsy friend and extraordinary chocolatiere. Check out her shop and just try not to drool! I have personally tried the almond turtles and a coconut cluster, and they didn't last more than 2 minutes after I opened the package!

Niki actually submitted 3 items that reminded her of my necklace, so here's what she said:

Jewelry is only second to gardening when it comes to things I love (besides my family). So it is only fitting that I found gardening items that reminded me of your necklace/vice versa! The beads on your necklace are green - hence green plants, green gardening items, green food (grown in a garden). Your necklace also reminds of something light and airy, like a plant swaying in the breeze. Last, but not least, your necklace is beautiful and that is how I feel about my gardens!

Here are the garden greens she found:

A trio of moss terrariums by jwhite2:A backyard microcosm by weegreenspot:
Grow an indoor citrus tree kit by SevenAcreWoods:


LiPeony said...

wow... awesome pictures... =D

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

oooh! I use those little jars in the top photo for my tea... I should borrow one for a terrarium!