Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recommended: The Glass Castle

Since I read a lot, and my apartment is filled with books, I'm going to start regularly featuring some of my favourites. They may be old friends that I've read again and again, or ones that I've just finished and couldn't put down. Today's book, the very first one that impelled me to write this post, is called The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, and it falls into the latter category. It is a memoir - not something I generally read, but I always end up loving them. There's just something about a true story that makes the narrated events seem like you'd experienced them yourself.

The Glass Castle left me feeling relieved I hadn't experienced a childhood like Ms. Walls' - which is the opposite of how most fictional tales leave me. Her story is gripping, and in some instances, completely unbelievable. Most of the decisions her parents make are simply incomprehensible to me... and they teach you a lot about selfishness. How can a parent spend money on chocolate and alcohol for themselves, and leave their children with no food for days and weeks? But in the end, the author gives her sister something in an act so selfless, it's incredible she could have learned that quality via the upbringing she had. Truly a heart-lifting story.

The book also reminded me of a conversation I had with a few fellow TAs. We were talking about expiry dates - one of the girls was saying that condiments are only good 3 months after they've been open, regardless of the date. We were debating this, but everyone else seemed pretty strict about throwing things out when they're past the date. I told them I take it more as a recommendation. I'll use my judgment to make the final call - sniff and taste outdated milk before throwing out the rest of the carton... this book just reinforced that belief.

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LiPeony said...

never read the book but you make it sound like something everyone should read... I also believe that not all things should just be thrown away after the expiration day.