Sunday, February 8, 2009

Etsy Feature: Sunday!

It's Sunday today. Since yesterday was a very, very lazy day for us, today is our day of cleaning and errands. What are you up to today? Some shopping perhaps? Here are a few items that came up when I searched Etsy for Sunday ~ enjoy you day!

Sunday MiniZ Extended Wristlet by florspace - I love the sweet fabric patterns, inside and out.

Sunday Wash Soap by adorationsoap - this looks so clean!

Sunday Comics Envelopes by Refresh - how fun! And you can't go wrong with recycling!
Sunday and Sigmund by creativethursday - so sweet! These little owls are so cute!

Sunday's Blouse by DevonRose - isn't this adorable? And the photo is superb!
Happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent finds!