Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dentist (v.2)

So I went back to the dentist yesterday, this time to take care of cavities on the left side of my mouth. They were smaller than the one last time, so I was much less nervous and it didn't take as long. He really froze my bottom jaw this time (last time it was the top) and it felt so strange! I couldn't feel my chin, lip or under my tongue, and it was all pins & needles as it started to thaw. My jaw is a little achy today, but not too bad. I'll live.

Unfortunately, I had to ask about my wisdom teeth. He had previously said he'd be able to take out the bottom ones, so he said he'd do them. I'm scheduled for March 5 at 4pm.

That's next week.


My dentist said that he could just pull the bottom ones in his clinic, so I don't think they'll be putting me out. Just some freezing. And it sounded like it would be both at once.


I've never had a tooth pulled. I think I'm going to pass out. Now. Just from thinking about it. Can you imagine next Thursday? I'm going to be puking I'll be so nervous.

Sorry, that was a gross visual. I'm just terrified right now. OH! And to top it all off, Pat might be in Montreal for work next week, so I'll be all alone.

Please, just shoot me now!

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Angie said...

I would probably beg to be put to sleep lol....mmmm, unconcious realization. I know I'll come due for them soon....no idea when, they havn't shown their ugly faces yet, but Jason didn't see his until 23/24 years.