Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making Life Easier

I went into a paper crafting frenzy last night, and it carried over to today. I made up a bunch of mini notebooks and tags and I have to tell you about a few recent purchases (or Christmas gifts) that have made my life so much easier!

  1. Paper cutter (Westcott Titanium) - sooooooooooo much easier on my hands! And so much straighter than my hands!
  2. Spray adhesive - wow! I can't believe how quick and easy this stuff is to use!

That's it. But they are both huge time savers!

I also have to mention an Etsy purchase I just received: some stamps and ink from norajane. The stamps I picked up are too cute ~ and I love the tags I made with them! Keep an eye on my shop for these tags and some mini notebooks, coming soon!


Leah said...

love the little birds!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Those little birds are too cute, you are right!