Thursday, May 2, 2013

Creative Space: Warrior Woman (She Girl #2)

I finally finished my second She Art girl. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the background - plus, it took some new supplies for me to finish her face and the flowers in her hair. I'm quite happy with the results!

Here's where I left off:
As much as I love love love the background, it was way too much, competing with the girl. But what to do with it? Finally, I decided a simple white-wash was the best way to go:
I mixed a bit of gesso with glazing medium for transparency and titan buff paint for a slightly less bright white. Next, even though I knew she wasn't done, I doodled the outlines to help myself see what was missing. At this point, I've also worked on her face and hair a bit more, adding some shading and highlights with paint and markers / Sharpies. 

I decided to add a bit of tone-on-tone texture to the background, using my white Sharpies and titan buff paint. But I still wasn't completely happy. The flowers were too "collaged on" and her face was a bit too severe, some marks too obvious. Enter my new Faber-Castell supplies!  
So, after adding texture to the background (as I said, it's tone-on-tone so it's very subtle - the circles in titan buff that I overlapped on my girl are the most noticeable, though you can certainly see more in person), I added some Christy Tomlinson rub-ons to complete her dress: 
Next, I used my new FC Pitt pens in skin tones to finish her face:
I used my new FC gelatos to finish the flowers and leaves in her hair:
And now... I think she's done. I think. The background still seems a touch bare and I could add a bit more doodling around the outlines... but we'll see. I'm pretty happy with her as it is. She exudes a stern, no-nonsense confidence. I like it.

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Angie said...

Love her! She turned out so well! Maybe she needs a quote in that area? Or a word?