Monday, May 13, 2013

Garden Girl (She Girl #3)

Saturday evening I was in the mood for painting. I wanted to paint my next She Girl. And I wanted her on this background:
Of course, I had doodled with white Sharpies and a red Prismacolor a few days before I got started on my girl, but I had my "must-paint" blinders on, so I didn't think to take a photo before starting - or any in process. Still, with this red-orange background, I knew I wanted to go green for my girl. I was tempted to go with green hair, but leaves sounded a bit more appealing (and a bit more me). Definitely inspired by the seasonal changes going on outside!

I ripped a piece of dark green patterned paper before getting starting, knowing I would use it in part of my collage. Then I looked at my canvas and immediately "saw" my girl, sketching her out with watercolour pencils. And wouldn't you know it! The piece of green paper I had torn would be perfect for her bodice!

I mixed all my paint with lots of glazing medium to achieve a nice transparency. I wanted layers to show through. I started with titan buff, raw sienna and gesso for her face then mixed in a bit of burnt umber light for the hair and shading and sap green for the dress. Finally, I glued down her dress and a bunch of "leaves" after ripping leaf shapes from various patterned green papers. A glaze of sap green and raw sienna completed my first painting session:

Next, I added quite a bit of shading, mostly with FC Pitt pens in skin tones and Neocolor II and some gelatos. A bit of doodling around the outlines and some rub-ons here and there brought her here:
Now I think all I have left to do is add a bit more shading and a quote to the blank space at the right. Something in green to balance that colour a bit. I'm really, really happy with how she turned out though - almost exactly as a first "saw" her!

Anyway, it may be quiet over here for the next few days - we're off on our trip! I'll definitely have a TON of photos when I get back! Have a great week everyone!


lilscrappers said...

"She" is beautiful. I love the green leaves in contrast to the board.

Angie said...

Very lovely! She reminds me of a flapper girl - of the gardening variety of course! :)