Saturday, January 8, 2011

MCP Project 52

Last year I really wanted to participate in Project 365 - a challenge where you take a photo every day & post it somewhere. It's a huge undertaking in both time & creativity... which I failed. I don't think I even lasted a month...

This year will be different. I will succeed. I want to improve my photography skills & force myself behind the lens on a more regular basis. But I need something a little more flexible, something a little less demanding than a photo every day. Enter Project 52. I'd heard of this lighter version of the challenge before: taking one photo a week seems entirely more manageable to me. So when I came across the MCP Project 52 yesterday, I thought it was a good fit & signed up right away. There are even weekly themes for inspiration if needed.

The theme for the first week is "something around the house."
If you have a gamer in your household, then you no doubt have a couple of controllers lying around at any given moment!

Check out the Flickr group for more great photos. You can follow along with the challenge through the Facebook page or blog.

If you're observant, you'll notice that week 2 has already begun. The theme is "illustrate a song" ... I'll have to put a bit of thought into that one.

Anyone want to play along? It isn't too late to join! All it takes is a camera!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Cool! I wanted to do the 365, but it was WAY too involved! Good luck!

paintingpam said...

Ditto what Niki said! I'm not sure I could do one new thing a month! I'll be watching to see what you post.

Life in a Tea Cup said...

Ooo. I've been wanting to do this project. But I never know where to start. Simply holding a theme each and every week provides a simplified focus! Now waiting for my camera battery to charge!

Christie Cottage said...

Good luck with your challenge!