Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five

Well, this is posting a bit (a lot) late because of the crazy busy week I've had (yet again):
  1. I TAed my last class. Makes me sad - I'll miss TAing.
  2. Wednesday night was the 4th Annual Biopharm Lectureship (my undergrad class hosted the first one). The speaker was the vice president of GSK in the UK; he gave a very interesting talk. It was also nice to see all the Biopharmers together - I've taught all 3 years of in-class students!
  3. I made this delicious peppery curry - Pat loved it!
  4. I found out that my scientific poster was accepted for the 2011 ATS meeting - a prestigious international meeting. My supervisor also pointed out that I won't be doing a simple poster session, I'm actually enrolled in a poster discussion (he was thrilled). I'm not sure exactly what the difference is, but there might be a moderator & some actual presenting involved. So I have to book a flight & hotel in Denver for May - should be fun. It'll be my first real flight!
  5. Pat & I went skating on Sunday - I'm hoping to make it a weekly event. I love skating!

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