Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five

I had an incredibly busy week - indeed, I was on my feet all day Tuesday & Wednesday, with barely a break for food. Next week looks like it'll be more of the same.... so I'm taking it a bit slow today.

Here are a few things I was up to:
  1. Work, work, work. I'm trying to finish up a few experiments so that I can focus on the last little bit of my research.
  2. I only have one more week of TAing... which makes me sad. I love teaching my lab - the students are always so keen. Lucky for me though, I'll be able to teach once more before the semester ends. On February 8th, the regular facilitator for the problem-based learning course that goes hand-in-hand with the lab course I TA will be away - so I get to replace him! Exciting! It'll be interesting to see my students out of the lab & in a discussion format.
  3. I did a little research into some silverware my gramma gave me over the holidays. It belonged to my great-grandmother (my mom's dad's mom).I don't have anywhere near a complete set, but I have: an 1881 Rogers A1 butter knife in the Coronet pattern (my favourite): 6 each Community Plate knives & forks in the Adam pattern: 5 Nevada Silver D&A teaspoons & 1 fancy shell-shaped sugar spoon in the Fiddle pattern & 2 Tudor Plate Oneida Community forks in the June/Nursery pattern. I still haven't identified the pattern of 6 more electro-plated nickel silver (EPNS) forks: 5 small spoons (4 EPNS & 1 heavy Sheffield-plated) & 6 silver-plated small spoons, 4 with the Duke of Edinburgh & 2 with Queen Elizabeth II at the end.
  4. I started reading A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire - the 3rd in the Wicked series.
  5. I made a delicious & creative supper on Monday night. I wanted to try something new with a turkey breast Pat had picked up when we did groceries - one recipe I did find had the turkey wrapped around a filling. Since I didn't have the ingredients called for, I made my own filling with tomatoes & onion. I also lined the inside with bacon & arugula & wrapped the outside in bacon (only because I had no string & a pack of bacon to use up). It was delicious served on a bed of mixed rice - Pat loved it too.
I still haven't taken a photo for Project 52, but I know exactly what I want to capture for the "shades of gray" theme... hopefully I'll go out for a walk today & capture it.

Have a great Friday everyone!


Deana Mattos said...

I should research my silver too, very cool.
That turkey dinner looks mmmm mmmm good.
Hope your last months of school are great.

Danielle said...

Your silverware is lovely. I especially like the spoon with the scalloped edges.

Mrs Linee said...

Loving the silverwaer - like Danielle I also love the Scalloped Spoon...
And the turkey looks delicious...

Bianca said...

Uli that turkey looks amazing!!!