Monday, January 19, 2009

Annual BioPharm Lectureship

My undergraduate program, Honours Biology & Pharmacology Co-op, is a special problem-based learning program at McMaster that only enrolls 20 students per year. I was one of the lucky ones for the class of 2008. That year, we started the Annual BioPharm Lectureship, where we organized to have Dr. William Catterall come to McMaster and give us a talk on his research. It was quite exciting to interact and listen to one of the leading researchers in pharmacology, and our program director was hoping to make it an annual occurrence.

So far so good, since last Wednesday was the second annual Biopharm Lectureship. The graduating class this year invited Dr. Michel Bouvier to speak to us about his research on G-protein-coupled receptors and efficacy. It was a really great talk - he was an engaging speaker and his talk was exciting. It's always so interesting to hear someone talk about something of which they are so passionate. Plus, he showed us ways to look at simple things differently, and it was quite eye-opening.

I'm really looking forward to the third annual Biopharm Lectureship - the responsibility rests on the shoulders of the class of 2010. (no pressure)

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