Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Etsy Purchases!

I don't have the money for this... could everyone please stop making such cute things? Especially adorable little bunnies that I can't resist??!? That little black bunny up there is Rosemary. She's technically mine, but since I can't have bunnies in my apartment, she's residing where she always has ... at my parents place in the middle of nowhere, Northern Ontario. My mom doesn't like that I call it the middle of nowhere, but when your closest neighbor is barely visible, and all you can see around you is field, and you don't even get cable, never mind city water and it's a 15 minute drive to the nearest town, which can barely be considered a town... it's the middle of nowhere.

But Rosemary... oh she is a sweetheart. That hole in the floor in front of her? Yep, she made / ate that. She gets cereal every morning, and come to the fridge every time you open the door. She'll even get up on her hind legs, begging for her favourite ~ broccoli. Her best friend, shown above was our awesome, 3-legged cat Pork Chop. He mysteriously went missing right after this passed Thanksgiving, and she mourned him for a good month. Poor Rosemary... but she's over it now. (update: I dreamed last night that Pork Chop came back after being gone for the winter... weird.)

Anyway, I just wanted to show where my obsession with bunnies has come from... And here are a few bunnies that will soon be mine:This cute plaid tote bag by betharoonie was just so sweet, I couldn't resist (hmmm... where have I heard that before?) ~ the pretty pink bunny just looks so adorable on the black, white and pink plaid. I can't wait to get it, and celebrate Easter with it!

I found that tote bag, and so many other charming bunnies, while searching for "felt bunny" on Etsy. One prominent shop that came up with that search was BlossomHill. Her little felt animals are absolutely enchanting. This one's name is Pippa, and she'll soon be residing on one of my shelves. Of course, she has so many endearing bunnies, I couldn't just settle on one. Pippa would be lonely without a friend, don't you agree? So I had to get Flossy as well. And you know I'll be keeping and eye out for any little black bunnies that might pop up at BlossomHill.. but not too soon, I hope, I really can't afford any more of these impulsive purchases!!! But, I keep telling myself, bunnies are necessary to celebrate Easter! Who needs chocolates if I'm surrounded by bunnies, right???

Speaking of celebrating Easter, it's early enough this year that I won't be in the middle of exams. That means I'll be able to go home!! I haven't been since Christmas and this little guy's first birthday:
He's walking around now, and saying "uh oh!" to everything! I can't wait!! (update: my mom just told me he's now saying "mama", "dada", "up" and "hi"... adorable!)

But first ... 2 midterms this week, my thesis defense this weekend and a 45 minute presentation (on BiDil, a heart failure medication prescribed specifically to African Americans) on the 13th, among other "less important" things. Yikes.

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Angie said...

so cute! And yup - it's definitly the middle of no where lol.

My parents gave my rabbit away to a little boy :(...