Monday, August 28, 2017

Sketchbook Pages: Weeks 33 + 34

I finished another sketchbook and I'm not sure where I want to do my daily pages now. So these last two weeks have not been super prolific. I'm leaning toward either my long/skinny green sketchbook or the new 8x10 I just picked up. I've included pages from both for last week as I decide this week. Maybe I'll just stick to both, depending on what size I feel like working in? We'll see.

8/18 Pretty in Pink

8/19 Mint Holiday

8/20 Fiery Texture

8/24 Red Press

Materials used:

  • assorted papers (scrapbook paper, recycled stationery, tissue paper, ephemera)
  • paint
  • re-harvested glass texture medium

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