Tuesday, August 29, 2017

7 Months Old

So far 2017 has been an irregular stone, slowly tilting off the side of a hill and gathering speed as it races toward the bottom. I'm not quite sure what happened to August... is it really going to be September before the end of the week???
This month, Marc continues to crawl, climb and step his way through his developmental milestones. He can sit up on his own (and get himself into a seated position); he can crawl on his belly; he can pull himself up on almost everything: the couch, the gates, his bookshelf, the back of my legs; he can creep along the couch and takes unsteady steps when we guide him forward. He has one tooth and is currently working on another one (the two middle ones at the bottom). He also now reacts to his name (if only to look at you with a grin and then continue doing whatever it is he isn't supposed to be doing).
We've been trying all sorts of new food this month. Some favourites include banana, peach, plum and small tastes of popsicles and juice. He wasn't very fond of peas or zucchini, but is eating both mixed with other vegetables and fruit. This month we went out for dinner at Papa Giuseppe's for the first time; Marc enjoyed the berry sorbet (and was otherwise a perfect baby).
Marc also took his first swimming lessons this month. We went every morning for 2 weeks straight and signed up for the fall classes (starting at the end of September). He loves being in the water! We've been going to the parent-and-tot free swims every chance we get. We ventured to the park to try out the swings last week. Marc enjoyed the breeze on his face as I pushed him back and forth.
This month has been a joy. Marc continues to be a happy, easy-going baby and rarely fusses (though he has been these last few days as he is cutting his second tooth). He still doesn't make strange, but does prefer mommy most of the time. His biggest and best smiles are reserved for when daddy gets home at the end of the day though.
It's been so much fun watching him explore and get to know his environment and routines. Let's see what month 8 will bring!

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