Monday, May 1, 2017

3 Months Old

Marc is three months old. I can hardly believe it - a whole quarter of a year. Which means I'm a quarter of the way through my maternity leave... Ugh. I don't want to talk about that!
Marc is growing and changing incredibly quickly these days - he's starting to look like a little boy and not just a baby! He recently went through his 3 month growth spurt. As a result, we needed to up his formula intake. I was really hoping to increase breastfeeding through this growth spurt, but easier said than done. As he gets bigger, he's getting more aware of what's going on. So he knows that he doesn't need to make the effort to breastfeed; if he waits and cries hard enough, he'll get an easier bottle instead. So we are still breastfeeding, but the ratio is skewing back towards formula again. I think I'll write up a post about our experiences.. there is much I want to remember.
This month, Marc figured out how to sleep through the night. The last two nights, he's slept over 10 hours straight, in his bassinet. He'll start shifting around a bit earlier, but if I turn on the little vibrating pod that's attached to his pack and play (which has a bassinet insert, so that's where he sleeps in our bedroom), he'll settle again for another hour or so. I am so blessed! Of course, daytime napping is a completely different story. He'll either resist falling asleep or wake within 20 minutes, making for a very cranky baby all day. We go for daily, hour-long walks during one of his naps, so he will sleep for a bit in the stroller. He used to sleep for the entire walk and then some afterwards, but it's been over a week since he's done that. Lately he'll only sleep for the bumpiest part of the walk and wake before we get home. Luckily, I have a secret weapon: the sling. If I wear him and bounce / walk around, he inevitably falls asleep - and stays asleep for an appropriate amount of time. Of course, I may have to stay on my feet the whole time as he wakes when I sit, but I'll take it!
Other things he loves: bath time with daddy, staring at his mobile and playing a simple version of peek-a-boo. He loves noisy toys (rattles and crackly toys) and flashing lights. He doesn't like the swing or just sitting still in our arms/laps: all too boring for our curious little man. He likes to be entertained. He likes to be walked around in our arms. He loves when we talk or whistle or make funny faces.
Developmentally, he's growing well too. He's grasping more and more things with his hands, bringing blankets or towels to his mouth. Or he'll just suck on a few fingers, drooling all over the place. He's holding his head steady more and more (though it is still a bit bobble-y) and does great in tummy time. He's started lifting both legs straight up, perpendicular to his body, and falling to the side. He's only rolled over by accident so far, but I don't think it'll be long before he gets the hang of it.
That last photo is amazing - I can't help but giggle every time I see it. Marc is so expressive! I love that little face so much!

I'm so so so blessed to be able to watch this little man grow. And seeing Pat as a father warms my heart so much. I am so lucky!

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