Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sketchbook Pages: Mandalas

I've always loved mandalas / detailed, layered flowers. I've been sketching them for as long as I can remember. So when I saw Alisa Burke was releasing an online class called Mandala Magic, I jumped all over it. First of all, I love her art! She makes gorgeous florals / mandalas and is very inspiring. The class was a lot of fun - full of great little tips and different ways to make mandalas.

Anyhow, I started being more conscious about drawing mandalas before I went though the course. I even blogged about the first one here.
As I mentioned in that previous post, I've dedicated this grey-papered sketchbook entirely to mandalas. Here are the more "formal" ones I've added to that book after watching some of the videos in the class:
If I had to choose, the third one from the top is my favourite (so far). The last one doesn't quite feel complete to me, but I'm not sure what to add just yet so I'm sitting on it. I love the meditative process that these entail!

Anyhow, there was also a section on less formal mandalas, and these I've doodled in different places. Here's a sampling from my "everyday" sketchbook, but I've also been doodling these on random pieces of paper (while listening to talks at a conference for example).
Next, I want to experiment with painting these (in my Amber altered book that needs finishing!).

Do you have mandala madness? If so, I'd love to see them - leave a link in the comments!

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