Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dining Room Shelves

When I blogged about my new curio, I meant to follow that up with a post about the shelves we installed in the dining room. A bit delayed, but here are those pictures anyhow!
It took quite some convincing, but Pat finally relented and put up some shelves. They look just as good as I thought (much to his surprise)! I needed more space to display my glassware, teapots and miscellaneous dining collections and this was the perfect spot. I'll still debating on whether another shelf is needed / would look good.

Here's a closer look at what I have displayed at the moment:
On the bottom shelf, I mostly placed cookbooks and my Swiss alpine servingware. I have a bunch of cooking magazines I also expected to place here, but actual glassware took precedence. I still need to find a place for those... maybe on a third shelf?
The top shelf houses a greater assortment of favourites: the milk jug from my grandparents (holding special dried roses), a couple teapots, pitchers from my gramma, vases and jugs, a lovely tiered dish from my gramma, my jadeite creamer and sugar dish on a lovely silver tray (also from my gramma - I'm really benefiting from her downsizing!)... sometimes I think there's a bit too much going on, but then everything flows and complements each other so well! I'm pretty happy with it and I'm looking forward to continually rotating pieces on here.
Lastly, under the window we've placed our white bench. It isn't perfect - we're currently shopping for a sideboard to replace it - but it does the job holding platters, baskets and seasonal decorations. We did see a gorgeous table with matching sideboard this weekend... we're just trying to justify spending so much on furniture we don't really need (but would look much better).

Anyhow - I'll be clearing out these fall decorations in the next week or so. I'm pretty excited to take out my Christmas stuff and decorating here for the first time! I'll be sure to post some photos in the coming weeks.


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