Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dining Room - Curio Cabinet

We finally found the perfect curio cabinet, so it's high time I show off a few photos! Here's my dining room, all decked out for fall:
Since this is really all about the curio, I'll post more photos of the shelves tomorrow. I am really excited about this room though - it's the one that feels the most "done" in terms of decorating. Not like it's really done though - as you can see, a box still remains in one corner and there's little on the walls beside the two shelves. One thing at a time. First, the curio:

The top shelf houses my Royal Doulton dolls:

On the second shelf, I have the gorgeous glass dish mom bought us as a house-warming gift, a piano salt and pepper shaker set from my great-grandmother and a cruet / shot glass set (from a second hand shop) on a silver tray from my gramma:

On the third shelf I have a pitcher and glass set from my grandma (on a vintage mirrored tray), a miniature enameled spoon set (my gramma bought for me at a vintage fair), a (new to me) vintage teacup and saucer and my dried wedding bouquet in its vase:
I absolutely adore this teacup / tea bowl! The ones without handles are my favourite!

Lastly, on the bottom of the cabinet, I have an assortment of glassware:
A few vases (the largest from my neighbour in Hamilton, the other 2 from Pat's grandma), some stemmed glasses (the tall ones a wedding gift from Pat's uncle, the turquoise ones from my sister-in-law and the short ones from my grandma) and a silver-lacquered rose bowl (from my gramma).

I'm sure this cabinet will be continually modified until I'm completely satisfied, but I'm pretty happy with it as is! A perfect addition to our dining room!

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