Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sketchbook Pages: Flower Girl

I've been meaning to share this sketchbook page for a while (I finished it in July), but the photos were spread between my old and new laptops and that seemed too great a task to accomplish. But now that I'm actively working on my goals (and keeping track!), I want to blog more regularly. So this page is going up! And really - do I need to share all the steps that happened before? Fun as it is to see the evolution of a page, the finished product is the prize. So here it is:
I absolutely adore how she turned out! The textures are amazing and I just love her face and all the framing flowers! A true summer girl!

Roughly, the layers are as follows (from what I can remember!):

  1. gesso
  2. collage (mixed papers in greens & browns)
  3. gel medium (with stencils)
  4. paint (all my usual colours: brights in the background covered by black Plaka and highlighted in her flowers, shirt and brushes here and there)
  5. pen and white Sharpie doodles to finish her face
  6. splatter of black India ink to pull it all together and add a bit more texture

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