Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our New Bed

A few weeks ago, Pat and I went to The Bay and bought a much-needed new mattress. I thought for sure we had a queen - Pat had his doubts, but not enough to measure... until we got home and realized our old bed was a double. Oops! So then we had a week before the mattress was delivered to find a new bed (luckily all our linens are queen-size - hence my initial confusion)! We considered splurging on a whole bedroom set, but couldn't find anything nice enough in our price range.

IKEA to the rescue! We bought a somewhat cheap bed that we can always replace later when our budget allows. I chose it based on the lovely dark brown wood and the angled headboard/back-rest - which, of course, considering our luck with the whole ordeal, is more than half covered by the giant mattress (despite the low profile box spring and lower setting when building the bed).

Our next challenge: fitting the queen in our bedroom! We decided that tucked into the nook made by the curved windows was our best bet:
I love it! Of course, arranging our dressers, chair and things is another matter (hence the mess in the photos)... one we might solve by buying some more furniture and purging some old clothes. I'll be sure to share some better photos once we have the room (somewhat) complete!

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Cris said...

Just a thought, can you not turn the bed so the headboard is centered in the window? It seems like that would make it easier to get into and out of and might give you more room in your bedroom?