Saturday, September 13, 2014

Heidi Braids

Right now, this is my favourite way to do my hair. I wash my hair every second day, so on "wash days", my hair is down and straight (and half air-dried). On "off days", I usually just pull it back into a ponytail (or half ponytail), since that's the quickest and easiest way to deal with it. But sometimes, I put in an extra five to ten minutes and braid it. This is my favourite braid:
To achieve this look, I separate my hair in two sections (based on my usual side part). Then I do two rounds of a french braid on one side (i.e. take the top half and separate in three - left over middle, right over middle - pick up a third of what's left and cross over then repeat for the other two sections, leaving no hair loose). As soon as all my hair is incorporated, I finish braiding, pulling straight up / over my head so that the braid is in the right position for the Heidi braids. I usually use one bobby pin to hold the braid on top of my head before working on the other side in the same manner. Then it's just a matter of pinning the braids so that the ends are completely hidden under the opposite braid. A coating of hairspray keeps everything in place.  
I feel so "put-together" and cute with this hair! It's perfect for a night out or special occasion yet still completely appropriate for work. I've lost count on how many compliments and "how do you do that?" questions I've received when sporting this do! LOVE! 

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