Monday, July 15, 2013

Hiking: Humber Arboretum

Yesterday, I wanted to go for a hike. It had been a while - since we were out West I think - much too long! In Hamilton, hiking was easy: there's a trail or waterfall just around the corner, no matter what part of the city you find yourself in.

Toronto feels so much more urban (obviously); finding a quiet, green setting is definitely harder. But, after a quick Google search and a short drive, we found Humber Arboretum just 20 minutes North. These gardens can't really compare to the Royal Botanical Gardens and their Arboretum (in Burlington), but, for being in the middle of the city, I really can't complain (especially since, in contrast, it was free). It did feel, and importantly, sound and smell, like I was in the country instead of the city. There were tons of plants, trees and paths to discover and even some wildlife beyond birds. It was pretty and relaxing and we'll definitely have to go back sometime soon!

I took over 80 pictures - here are six of them, chosen at random (I made a list of the file numbers and chose six without looking at which pictures I was choosing):
I love nature - enjoy it as often as you can! It's so inspiring!

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