Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding a Routine

As you may or may not have noticed, I have yet to find my groove here. I'm so busy at work just trying to catch up. The girl I replaced (she no longer works for us) basically stopped following up on things in February (hence why she isn't working for us anymore). So that's where I am, trying to catch up, on top of keeping up with things I need to do immediately (requesting tissue, bringing samples to the appropriate lab for processing, meetings, etc). It's been more than a little hectic! I have been getting tons of positive feedback though; my new team members (as well as the old) seem to really like me and think I'm doing a great job. So that helps a lot when I need to get up in the morning!

And while I really love working 9-5 now, I haven't been able to fit in much art (or reading), let alone blogging. I miss it, but when I get home at night, I just want to unwind reading blogs, cooking, watching a few shows and then it's time for bed.

It really is just a matter of finding a new routine, fitting more into my day. But setting a new routine is hard. It takes repetition - months of repetition in my case. I seem to be "good" for a few days, maybe a week, and then the next I'm off the wagon again. I need to be more consistent!

While mulling over this blog post, I thought a list of things to do / work on would be helpful.

  1. Yoga. As soon as I wake up - before coffee, before showering, before anything else. Yoga. Start with 10 minutes and go from there.
  2. Starting using my agenda again. There's even a whole section of blank pages for quick sketches "on the road" - use it.
  3. Blog planner. I forgot about it somewhere in June, but it's so helpful to keep track of ideas for blog posts.
  4. Sit down at my craft desk at some point each evening. Inspiration will come when surrounded by all my supplies. Even if only for 10 minutes, creating must happen daily.
  5. Turn on my laptop while I'm at my desk - blogging will happen. 
  6. Take tons of photos every weekend so that blogging is more enjoyable and much easier. 
  7. Review my goals (monthly goals, seasonal goals, yearly goals, 27 List, etc) on a regular basis. Seeing the things I want to work on, in writing, is a great incentive.
Do you have any helpful tips on setting a new routine?


Angie said...

I've fallen off the "routine-wagon" too this summer. James and I only have a couple evenings a week off together with the shift work- and most months only a day or two 100% off together. So those days are dedicated time together, drop everything else lol. Things will slow down in the fall, they always do. :) I have gotten back into my work-out routines though, and seeing my abs back was a great motivator.

Holly Miller said...

I am right there with you. I have so many things I want to do and I find it hard to fit them in. All your lists and goals hae been an inspiration to me. You can do it!

Holly Miller said...
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