Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five

After a busy weekend, I took it easy this week. Here's what I was up to:
  1. I went out for dinner with my brother, Matt, & his wife, Terri-Anne. They're in Toronto for my sister-in-law, who had appointments all week at the Lockwood clinic there. This clinic is amazing - they have a bunch of specialists on call so it's basically a one-stop diagnostics centre. Terri-Anne has been having a lot of problems over the last 2 years & the doctors at home were starting to tell her it was all in her head. Actually, no. It's a huge relief to finally be getting some answers. So we had a nice dinner together, just the 4 of us (which never happens at home!).
  2. I signed up for 2 online secret santas this year. Here are my wrapped gifts - I'll be shipping them out today. Number 1:I got to play tetris to get them all in a small shoe box:
    And number 2: I even stamped this gorgeous reindeer on the card envelopes:I hope the recipients love their gifts!
  3. I had a meeting with my supervisor - I'm extended for another 3 months since I still haven't gotten all the samples I need to finish. What a relief! Pat & I were worried about managing without my pay...
  4. I decorated my tree! I need a bigger one to hold all my ornaments - as it is, the back is just as fully decorated as the front.
  5. I didn't get around to baking anything this week, even though I really wanted to. Mostly because our apartment building is infested with pantry moths (& no one is doing anything about it... awesome). I had to throw out ALL my pasta, rice, crackers, cereal, flour, etc. We're heading to Wal-Mart tonight to grab a whole bunch of containers... ugh.
Hope you have a great weekend! We're planning on finishing up our Christmas shopping. Think of us at the mall - it's going to be crazy!


Kara Lennox said...

Uli--I hate those moths so much! I've gotten to where I don't store anything that isn't in a plastic container, or the fridge or freezer. They gross me out so much.

I'm jealous you have all those gifts wrapped.

Kate said...

Your tree looks so cute! I'm jealous of all your homemade looking collected ornaments (that is totally what I wanted to go for this year...and didn't manage to do!). Stinks about the pastry moths - when we moved into our place we had silverfish (gross)!