Thursday, December 23, 2010


When it comes to Christmas, I'm like a little kid (except for the snooping part - there's nothing worse than ruining a surprise!). I have no patience - the anticipation kills me! I want to open my gifts & give away presents as soon as they're wrapped. The spirit of the season is just so much fun!
Pat was on the ball this year - he finished his shopping on Tuesday & wrapped right away. And then ... well ... just look at those gifts under the shiny tree!
How could I resist? (Not all these gifts are for each other! The 2 large one at the front are for me & the 2 smaller ones on top are Pat's.)
And apparently Pat can't resist me & my excitement because he caved right away. "Let's just start with the stockings," I convinced him, as if I'd ever stick to just that.
My stocking was a good one this year - filled with chocolate, socks, magazines & some cooking utensils. Pat got some undies & socks, bath stuff, coffee & a PSN (playstation network) gift card.
As soon as the stockings were unpacked, I handed him his first gift to unwrap. It's always easy to get unwrapping underway when you hand out the packages.
I got Pat some jeans & a sweater. Generic, yes, but he's the type to go out & buy things for himself as soon as he needs them. Plus, his mom already went through most of his list. Regardless, he seemed pretty pleased with what I picked out.
He gave me 2 books (the 3rd one in the Wicked series & The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo), a grilling pan & a cast iron roasting pan.
(Yes, that's my excited Christmas grin, as seen in almost all these photos. It was plastered on my face the whole night.)
Even without a list, Pat knows exactly what I like! Thank you honey for a great kick-start to the season!

Now we're almost ready to head home for the holidays. Just a few last minute things to do around here & then we're on the road!

It might get a bit quiet on my blog in the next week or so - I'll try to post regularly, but no promises. Things tend to get frantically busy as we try to get in as much family time as we can! I hope everyone has a weekend filled with goodwill & cheer!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Birthday Gramma (today's her 76th)!


Susanne said...

Merry Christmas, Amanda :)

Christie Cottage said...

Ya'll look lik you were having a blast!

Merry CHRISTmas!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your time with family! ((HUGS))

Angie said...

I got the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as well! I've already finished reading it *blushes* I found that it was a slow start, but it develops VERY well. I can't wait to get my hands on the second one!