Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1 Month Old

Marc turned 1 month old on Sunday, February 26th. It is incredible to think that he has already been with us for a whole month! It still seems so surreal... although we are settling into a routine (more or less), it is still mind-boggling to think that we are parents! To this perfect little man no less! And really, we are beyond blessed. He is such an easy-going baby - he barely fusses, eats and sleeps like a champ, and is just all around so sweet!

Here are a few photos I took to remember his first month with us.
He's so tiny, and yet he's already changed so much! He's putting on weight, as evidenced by his chubby cheeks. He's losing his hair too, which makes him look like a little old man, especially when he makes his serious frowny face. He makes the sweetest little noises and is just starting to smile. He still isn't sleeping in his bassinet - he'll only go about 10 minutes sleeping independently on his back - but we're working on it. He's starting to enjoy his swing and playmat and really loves being in the sling/wrap while I walk him around.

We went on our first walk last week (using the sling) and he slept the whole way. Last weekend we also went on our first outing (not counting doctor's appointments), and he was so good - wide awake in the car on the way to Babies'R'Us, and falling fast asleep in the store, not waking until we returned home. We are slowly getting the hang of being parents and I'm so in love with watching Pat interact with Marc. He's such a good father!

The days go by so fast - I want to savour every second. I know I'm going to miss him being this small and yet I'm so looking forward to watching him grow. I just wish it wouldn't happen so fast!

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