Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pregnancy: Week 31

Today was a cloudy, rainy day, so the lighting in our home was not ideal, but I made Pat take a few photos of me anyway. We missed week 30, so I needed to make sure I got something! I'll try to make time tomorrow for some better ones, assuming the weather cooperates.

Here I am at week 28:

And here I am today, at week 31:
It's really hard to tell if I'm bigger or if it's just the angle at which Pat is taking the photo and the position of our little man. It does seem as though the bottom of my bump is bigger/lower. As I mentioned in my previous post though, my belly changes shape a lot now depending on what he's up to. I should be taking my waist measurements for a more accurate assessment!

I've been sick these last couple of days - I started having cold symptoms Tuesday night, which developed into a sinus infection (but only on the right side) by Thursday. I'm finally feeling better now: still going through lots of tissues, but the pressure behind my forehead/eye/jaw is gone. The worst part is not being able to take any medication to help decongest, though I have been using a nasal rinse (which is... interesting) and am going through LOTS of Halls.

Luckily, baby is oblivious. His movements are getting more consistent and stronger. He gets hiccups a few times a week. And not only do I get quick kicks and jabs, but he'll sometimes move so that I feel a lot more pressure - like his head/bum/back is pressing into me instead of a smaller limb. These "bigger" movements are often followed by a similarly strong push on the opposite side of my belly. It's hard to describe... but this is definitely my favourite part of being pregnant! So cool! 

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