Friday, November 4, 2016

2016 Goals: October

October was a great month - great weather, gorgeous fall foliage, amazing baby shower, fun Thanksgiving and a good start on the nursery!

16 GOALS FOR 2016:
  1. Read 30 books. 35/30 (YES!) 
  2. Try 16 new Ottolenghi recipes. 6/16
  3. Try 16 new (loose-leaf) teas. 16/16 
  4. Put up shelves and organize craft room. Make it inspiring.
  5. Finish Amber art book - this year I WILL! (Only a few pages left!)
  6. Work in sketchbook daily. (Not daily, but at least weekly.)
  7. Blog weekly. (Going to try harder with this one this month.)
  8. Finish 2 cross-stitch samplers. (Didn't finish the November square, but it's about halfway there - I will finish it this month and get started on December.)
  9. Travel somewhere new. (Eastern Canada)
  10. Sign up for and pass my SOCRA certification.
  11. Make an inventory of all my books. (This has been on my to-do list for so long.. I really want to get it done this year!)
  12. Wake up earlier and practice yoga every morning evening. (So tired. All the time. Looks like this one might be on hold until next year...)
  13. Make a weekly meal plan and prep veggies on the weekend. (Keeping up with this one pretty consistently.)
  14. Get rid of junk we never use (i.e. downsize our "things") and organize storage and spare spaces. (Wardrobe done. Storage space next!)
  15. Work on making the backyard nicer (plant flowers, landscape, garden). (Just need to clean things up for winter now - more landscaping to be done next year.)
  16. Set reminders in my phone to make me check in on my goals at least monthly (and blog about it). (9/12 monthly reviews - missed June.)
This month I will continue to work on #8 and #14 and put a dent into #2 and #5.

What goals have you crossed off your list lately?

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