Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sketchbook Pages: Whimsical Birds

As I mentioned, after sketching lots of birds, I decided to create a few more "finished" sketchbook pages. I had a few whimsical ideas, placing my birds in fun situations.

First, I drew a birdy birthday party:
I love how he has a less-than-impressed expression! Perhaps the cake was the wrong flavour?

The next bird has a peace offering to cheer him up:

I wanted to combine a bird with one of my girls, so I drew a friend on her shoulder:

I love tea, so I thought I'd share a mug:

The last page I'll share today was inspired by a different lesson in Alisa Burke's Beautiful Birds class - this one had us fill the birds with doodles instead of more realistic feathers:
I particularly love how this one turned out! The design gives it a more artistic feel.

All of these pages started with a pencil sketch and were refined with a black ink pen. Colour was added in with pencil crayons. Birds are such a delight to draw, don't you think?


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