Sunday, August 28, 2016

Collections: Royal Doulton Dolls

For my 30th birthday, my mom gifted me with the newest addition to my collection of Royal Doulton dolls: Nicola. The name isn't significant for our family; she was just too lovely to pass up. Like all my other dolls (except for the small white one, Amanda), she is a vintage doll. Delicately hand-painted, the vintage girls are just so much prettier, with finer details, than the new ones.
I think she looks perfect with the rest of my collection - the flowers are a similar shape to the one's on Victoria's dress and the yellow/green colours match perfect with The Last Waltz. They are a bit crowded all on the top shelf though - I may have to do some rearranging in my cabinet!
Thanks mom! I love her (and that little dove! So cute!)! The perfect addition to my girls!

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