Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sketchbook Pages: Joyful Expression

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm getting back into the crafty swing of things. In fact, this week, I used this page to unwind from a few stressful days at work. In particular, the messy journalling was a great way to let out some steam.

Take a look at the steps I followed:
This is in fact where I started this week. This page has been languishing, unfinished since who remembers when - possibly late last year? In any case, at that time, I taped the spine with masking tape and collaged an assortment of paper scraps. Lately, I've been doing this a lot, trying to use up some of the random bits hanging around my desk and craft room.

Anyway, earlier this week, I pulled out four favourite paints (Amsterdam acrylics in nickel titan yellow, olive green light, naphthol red medium and sky blue light) and went to town using my fingers, mixing in a bit of glazing medium so that the papers would show through.
Of course I didn't take photos of the next step since it was late and dark but I knew I wanted to add in some texture using a couple stencils and black paint (Golden Mars black). I used a sponge with the triangle stencil and a palette knife for a thicker application through the doily stencil. I really like how these two different methods resulted in two completely different textures. I love a good tactile page!

The next night, when this layer was good and dry, I unloaded some stress with messy words and a white Sharpie.
I wasn't sure where to go next, but the next day I realized all it needed was a bit of splatter to be complete. I started with black India ink and then repeated with gesso before I was completely satisfied.
This page makes me VERY happy. And excited to get my hands messy again!


Angie said...

Nice to see you're getting back into it :)

Kate said...

That is absolutely stunning Amanda! The layers and texture are so perfect - you could frame it and put it straight on the wall! Amazing work!